In the loft, there are three somewhat bizarre bedrooms, with a wonderful view and a Turkish bath, an amenity which the large Venetian houses had, called stua. Up here, there is also the altana solarium sunbathing area which opens onto the rooftops of Venice. The bathrooms are all finished with an innovative starlight material which creates an effect of little shining stars and have a hydro-system bathtub, hairdryer and towel warmer.
The hotel restaurant, La Rivista, takes its name from the original cartoon of a floral theme from 1925 by the futurist painter Fortunato Depero, which, together with others by the same artist, decorates the room. These come from the private collection of the Serandrei brothers, owners of the Ca' Pisani and the inspiration behind the whole project, with their passion for the artistic forms of that period. La Rivista is an extravagant caf, opening to the outdoors and with its entrance distinguished by a large composition of multi-coloured marbles inspired by futurist themes. Predominating features here are the bamboo of the floors, the amaranth purple-coloured leather of the sofas, the starlight blue and the walnut wood. The menu offers a vast selection of excellent wines and cheeses, "deli", salads, pasta dishes and desserts.